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Let's Plan An Epic End Of Summer Party!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Read along and get the best ideas from Atlanta's wildest party planner! Don't forget to leave your comments at the bottom!

Disclaimer: The photos in this blog post have been retrieve from Pinterest

Welcome to this summer's wildest party! This blog post is all about throwing the best end of summer party at the lake house! The theme is Retro Beach Vibes and the day is planned to perfection! Read along and find links to the perfect invitations, party favors and more. And if you live in or near Atlanta, get the names of the perfect vendors near you for this event!


The first item of themed decor any guest sees is your invitation, so lets set the theme for our guests right away! For this particular end of summer themed party, I was looking for something that really shows guests what to expect. I wanted to see retro beach meets lake, meets, relaxation, meets playfullness, and that is exactly what I found in this postcard photo!

It is always important, if you are hosting an event where you expect guests to get in any body of water, that you note for them to bring their swimwear. No body wants to get a a party unprepared to swim and you don't want to have any of your guests feel like they're missing out.

As always, my favorite places to order invitations are minted, zazzle, and etsy! For the above invitation, I had to create something on, but if you're not into DIYing your invitations, go ahead and get someone on Etsy to do it. ;)

Location Design

Since this event is intended to take place at a lake-house, we have the wonderful perk of using the lake as our backdrop and setting for many fun games and looks! Below are a few design ideas I would bring to life for your guests.

If you don't know anyone with a lakehouse, check out VRBO and Airbnb ! You can rent a place and make a weekend out of it!


Give guests a little theme tease when they arrive to the Lake-house. Typically at a Lake house you will have to go through the house, down some stairs and out the back to get your big reveal of the lake, so let's play on that natural expectation of guests and give them a spectacular reveal.

I would place a few floats and other beach themed items around the entrance of the house along with valet and drink girls serving guests a specialty beverage upon arrival, all dressed in retro swim attire.


As guest enter the backyard/lake area, they will be blown away with what awaits them. On one side, a larger than life photo area (much like the one seen at the top of the page), retro umbrellas and chairs lining the beach, all set with a takeaway for each guest, and a retro drink cart.

If you are living in Atlanta, I would highly suggest bringing kate's mobile bar to your event! They create the best specialty cocktails to fit your party theme and have the look to go with it! I am personally obsessed with their horse trailer bar rental set ups and think it would fit our end of summer retro lake party perfectly!

Visit their IG @katesmobilebar and let them know that The Peachtree Party Planner sent you!


Alright, we're not at the lake for nothing, so we need some amazing lake activities to really loosen up your guests! If money was no issue and this was a bonding trip, I would 100% suggest a water obstacle course for team bonding and memories. If this were a day for relaxing, I would suggest getting a few paddle boards, lots of larger than life floaties and a water volley ball court to fill your guest's day with relaxing and fun.

TIPS* (no boats)

For lake days, I would stay away from boat rentals just for the purpose of no one getting left behind. The biggest purpose of a party is so everyone invited can have a good time together. When boats go out in groups, someone is almost always left out and left behind with people they may not feel as comfortable with. So let's just nip that in the bud unless you are hosting a small group of people who can all fit on a boat and that is a main event of the day.


As we all know, a day in the sun can be exhausting, so give your guests a break come dinner time. By now, they are all talked out, hungry, and ready to just be entertained.

So let's end the night with some comfy chairs that were set out by your event staff (such as me and my team), a stocked buffet, and a summertime movie favorite played on a large screen with the lake in the background.


2:00 pm - Guests begin to arrive at the lake-house all activities are open and drinks and small bites are being served.

  • guests will be encouraged by the party planner to head to the photo booth before getting too active

  • guests will also be directed to the retro changing tents in they would like to change into their swimsuits.

3:45 pm - Volleyball tournament or obstacle course tournament starts

5:30 pm - Buffet is open

6:00 pm - Movie begins

7:45 pm - Movie ends, light music plays, twinkles lights are on and guests can stay as long as they would like.

If you enjoyed this party, or have anymore Retro End of Summer party ideas, let me know in the comments!

If you are an Atlanta local and would like to plan this party, contact me here and let's get planning!

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