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I cannot get over this idea of having an over the top, western meets football, meets crazy Ken and Barbie outfits... Ken's Super Duper - Super Bowl Party!

And even more than that, I can't wait to share these party plans with you!

If you do decide that this year you would like to plan a Kendominium themed Super Bowl party, please, I beg of you, tag us on Instagram so we can see!! :D

Now for the good part. Complete with fur coats, blow up horses, mini fridges, and lots of snacks for all of the "hungry boys", and girls, brewskey beer me while I give you the party plans for this epic Kendominium themed Super Bowl Party!


The first place we have to start a great party theme is of course the invitations!

However, I could not find ANY Ken/Kendominium/ Mojo Dojo Casa House themed invitations to share with you guys, so I decided to make one myself! Thank you Canva!

To edit it just click HERE and you will be transported to a super fun place on my website to give me your email and from there you will be emailed a link to an editable version of this invitation!


Now that you've got the perfect invitation, let's get into decor! This will be a big part of driving home your theme. Though it's Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House, we still need a lot of pink, with added accents of Kenergy. Use Barbie pink plastic table covers to put on your walls as a backdrop to all of Ken's western additions!

Ken has LOTS of pictures of horses, so print out whatever you can and put them everywhere! You can also dust off your cowboy boots and hat if you've got them and add them near the entrance like Ken did here!

Add a few faux cowhide blankets and a faux cow hide rug to the Super Bowl viewing room and your home is beginning to look like a real Mojo Dojo Casa House!

Make your front door a replica of Ken's Dojo by DIYing a bit with either card board or brown craft paper and a printed cutout of a horse and the Kendom Saloon Sign!

Ooooorrrrr, you can get this amazing saloon door party decoration off amazon and add some fun Kendom Saloon touches! Feel free to get a few of these "doors" and use them through out your house!

Bring in Ken's slogan "Brewskey Beer Me" above the drink station by grabbing this penant flag banner and these large banner glitter letters to glue on!

I would recommend banner letters over stickers because most stickers will be a bit small for the banner, making it look less exciting. However, if you are going to be putting the whole slogan on the banner, you will have to form an extra "E" by piecing together 2 "F's".

And like always, keep the theme energy, ahem, I mean Kenergy, going in the bathrooms well! You can ask for a decal like the one in the above photo from someone on Etsy!

Big Prop Decor

There are lots of fun prop pieces from Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House like punching bags, foosball, and mini fridges.

Hopefully you either have some of these items in your home already or are able to borrow from friends, but if not and you want to go ham on this party, here are some links!

Small Prop Decor

There are also a lot of smaller prop decor items that are a must to really drive home this Kendominium theme! Ken is all about horses and anything manly, so he has loads of blow up pool toys hanging around that represent manly things.

These include horses and this awesome blow up motorcycle. Grab some western themed balloons + Horse Balloons to add to Ken's love of all things western and because its a party! And parties need balloons! :D

Party Atmosphere

Last but not least, let's talk about atmosphere. This is a Super Bowl party, which Ken would no doubt love, so I'd say keep all of the favorite Super Bowl foods! BBQ, pigs in a blanket, big plates of nachos and of course, lots of brewskey beers. But because you just might be a girl reading/hosting this event ;) I have a fun drink for you and all of the barbies joining the party!

Photo & Recipe via

Barbie's Margarita


• 1/2 oz Dragonfruit simple syrup

• 1/2 oz Lime juice, fresh

• 1 oz Orange Liquor

• 2 oz Tequila


Fill cocktail shaker half way with ice, add ingredients, shake and pour into glass prepared with salt or sugar rim and top with a lime wedge!

Last but not least, remind everybody that dressing the part is mandatory, or their team WILL LOSE, and don't forget to add music in the rooms where the game is not playing and people may just be enjoying the party!

I will be posting a great playlist for this party on my Instagram soon, so be sure to follow us so you can get the link!

Be sure to take a look at our "Kendom Super Bowl" Pinterest page with more photo inspiration and DIY's for this event! And once again, don't forget to tag us on Instagram if you host your very own Kentastic, Super Duper Super Bowl Party!!! We can't wait to see it!

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