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How I would plan KIDchella at your house!

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Read along and get the best ideas from Atlanta's wildest party planner! Don't forget to leave your comments at the bottom!

Atlanta party planner plans a KIDchella (kid Coachella) themed party in your backyard

Disclaimer: The photos in this blog post have been retrieved from Pinterest

Welcome to KIDchella my friends! This blog post is all about throwing the wildest, most talked about event in your backyard! We've got music, we've got bounce houses, we've got everything a kid wants at KIDchella! This is how you throw a KIDchella-themed party in your backyard!


The first item of themed decor any guest sees is your invitation, so let's make it wow everyone! For this particular KIDchella-themed party, I am looking at my Pinterest Inspiration Board and seeing lots of bright pastel pinks, blues, and oranges, almost like a sunset sky. I also want to incorporate the festival theme, so I went for an all-access pass-looking invitation!

My favorite places to order invitations are Minted, Zazzle, and Etsy! For this particular party theme, searching Etsy for "Coachella VIP pass invitations" would be the way to go.

Here is a link to some fun colorful lanyards to attach your passes!

Location Design


Since this event is taking place at your (or whoever has the biggest backyard's) residence, rather than a venue, we need to map out the guest's experience! Guests want to be hit in the face with your party theme as soon as they pull up, so I would post a large photo op. area at the entrance for guests to be greeted and take photos with the birthday kid! This photo would then be printed for them as their all-access pass to everything inside the party and as a keepsake.

Polaroid camera here!
Slightly cheaper option here!


As guests enter a tunnel full of balloons and streamers, they will emerge to a paradise of color, music, food, and fun! I would place a stage in the middle, bounce house obstacle courses along the back perimeter, children's tables and food along one side under a streamer tent, and a parent lounge on the opposite side so they can stay separate but still keep an eye on their young ones.


Coachella has quite the array of cuisine but the one thing you will see offered over and over again, and would fit perfectly at KIDchella, are fresh burgers! I would have a grill master serving up some fresh burgers to the kids and adults with a variety of toppings and french fry options! On the table could also be specialty fruit and veggie cups, and other snacks.

I would go the extra mile and hire a few food carts, one with pretzels, another with funnel cakes, and a cotton candy cart. If parents wanted to minimize the sugar highs, we could have a ticketed system. All kids receive their all-access pass and a food cart voucher at the front door. They are allowed to use that voucher to get one food cart item, saving parents from any post-party fiascoes.


I understand that at a lot of kid's parties, there are also adults nearby to hang out as well. So for you, we want a real bar with mocktails and cocktails, whether you can receive a drink all depends on your wristband and drink tickets you would have received at the door.

Mocktails and Cocktails I would serve

(adult beverage)


The main attractions at this event will be inflatable obstacle courses, an obstacle slide, Henna, Temporary tattoos, colored hair clip-ins/hair glitter station, and the stage in the center of everything with a DJ and time for karaoke!

Adults will also have small games to play in their lounge area.


5:00 pm - Guests begin to arrive and take photos with the birthday kid at the entrance

5:00 - 7:00 pm - Free party time inflatables and fun stations; snacks are set and the bar is open

6:00 - Burgers are served and food carts are opened

7:00 pm - Time to sing and cut the birthday cake

7:10 - 8:30 pm - Inflatables are closed and it's time for the DJ to play music for dancing and karaoke!

If you enjoyed this party, or have any more KIDchella party ideas, let me know in the comments!

This particular party heavily relies on using a rental company. To mimic this plan you will need to find a rental company near you to show them these ideas and let them see your space. The rental company should also take care of the balloons, or you should find a balloon vendor. Other vendors you will need are a caterer, unless, someone you know is willing to manage being the "grill master", and food cart vendors.

Using vendors in these places will really be the only way to get the look seen above. However, I have also curated a list of smaller items that you can use to purchase the smaller necessities! Feel free to use this free items list and their links to get the perfect party goods!

Party Kanyards - Here

Wrist bands - Here

Party Cup Options

12 oz mockatail cups - Here

9 oz mocktail cups - Here

9 oz adult beverage cups - Here

Paper goods - You should try Zazzle to make your own custom napkins and maybe plates if you feel comfortable! Or you can grab these!

Polaroid camera here!

Slightly cheaper option here!

Firework cake toppers here

Ferris wheel cake topper here

Bubble machine here

Party favor bag

8" x 10" Rainbow bag

Flower charms and letters to glue onto glasses

Fun kid's bendy straws

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