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We can't wait to offer you your wildest dreams

What you'll receive:

1. 30-minute party consultation.

2. A Mood Board: You will receive your personalized inspiration board complete with links to party items, DIY videos, and party set-up examples. We can even go as far as mapping out your layout in your venue if you would like!

3. Party Plans: We are specialists in knowing how to keep the party going and how to ensure a natural party flow. Each party plan is a custom-made timeline to set you up with our expert opinion on party start times, activities, how to get people on the dance floor ect...

Let's Chat! 

Full Party Planning Package

30-Minute Party Consultation

We would love to offer you an affordable option for planning the perfect party! Book a 30-minute party consultation and we will tell you exactly what we would do if we were professionally planning your event! From the venue, to the food, to the activities, we will let you know the best options for your party crowd, and we will give you all the tips you need to know about things like set-up timelines and venue guidelines. We will even get into the smaller details like the best moment to cut the cake and how you should serve it. 

Think of this as a happy hour with your personal party planner! 

mermaid Inspiration Board - atlanta party planner
Atlanta peachtree party planner proposal.png
atlanta party planner disco party Inspiration Board.png

*Find more inspiration for this Disco at the Roller Rink party here!

* $85 - Complete Party Package
Party consoltation
FullParty PlannngPackage
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